Note from the Owner

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Our goals

Accoutrement works very hard to make sure that your pets look and feel fabulous, in the most healthy and affordable way possible. Our accessories are simple, yet unique and special.

Another goal that we hold very dear is to grow and be able to hire people who have hard time finding a job, like people with disabilities, veterans, ex-offenders, etc.


Our values

  • Respect - socially and environmentally responsible

  • Go the extra mile - consistently deliver outstanding products and services

  • Fairness - do what's right

  • Strive for excellence - listen, learn by doing, succeed by improving, repeat

  • Honesty - with our clients and with ourselves

Get out of your comfort zone, be remarkable, have fun and embrace the adventure!


How it started

Accoutrement was born in Los Angeles, CA, from my mobile grooming business, Me So Groomie.

Striving to deliver the most professional and personalized service, I started making my own bandanas. I am very picky about fabrics and couldn’t find already made good quality pet accessories. At first, I used my old sewing machine, but soon upgraded to an industrial serger.

I have very few shades of grey; if I commit to something, I do it as best as I can, or I don't do it at all.


Learning the hard way

At first, I was just buying fabrics and sewing the edges on my bandanas, without washing. Why should I take that extra step? Out of the store, the fabric was perfectly ironed, shiny and ready to go, wasn't it?

Well, very quickly I got complaints that the dyes in the fabric were staining pets’ coats, so I started educating myself about all the chemicals, pesticides and insecticides that are present in new fabrics; I started washing all the fabrics right away.

I care deeply about pets' health and I use all the best and most natural products available for grooming. It was a no brainer to wash the fabrics. Not only does it remove the chemicals, but it also removes any nasty smells.

You can read more about chemicals in new fabrics here, as well as the steps that Accoutrement takes to wash the fabrics before sewing.


The cherry on top

The finishing touches are so important to clients. They really are the cherry on top and help create those Wow! moments that groomers are all aiming for. It always brings me so much joy to see the smile on my clients' faces, and then the pets get excited with all the compliments ... it's a beautiful thing that warms my heart.

I've always put so much energy into finding the perfect accessories, prints, etc. for my grooming business.  It is literally my victory lap to bring happiness to my clients and their pets. Many times, I was not able to find the products I was looking for, so Accoutrement gives me a lot of latitude to finally accomplish these goals, by creating and offering unique items at a decent cost.


A soft spot for groomers

Accoutrement is for everybody: groomers, pet owners, people gifting to pet owners, etc.

Having been a groomer myself, I know the importance of keeping the costs down while still offering the best to my clients. I would have loved to save a tremendous amount of time by buying pre-made bandanas, but, washed fabrics were a must-have for me and none were available.

With Accoutrement, I want to be able to reach all the groomers out there. Grooming is a tough job with long hours, and I want to be able to help by providing beautiful finishing touches, and ready to wear, so groomers can spend more free time with their family and friends. I want to be able to offer decent prices for purchasing quality and healthy products in bulk quantities.


Our business will grow with you

We are starting with small quantities and diverse offerings. We will add many more prints and products on a regular basis, so please make sure to join our mailing list to stay informed. You can find the subscription form at the bottom of each page on our website.

Only for pets?

Many of Accoutrement’s offerings can also be used by people, and some are even for people only. Our items can be used to either glam up your accessories, like purses and shoes, or bandanas for kids parties, etc.


What does Accoutrement mean by the way?

The dictionary definition: "Additional items of dress or equipment, or other items carried or worn by a person or used for a particular activity."

I am originally from Montreal, Quebec, so I was raised based on the French language. Accoutrement is often used in French, and in English, to describe accessories, something that is a perfect addition to complete a look. Accoutrement seemed like the perfect name to describe the products we are offering and the marriage of both languages. 

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Nathalie Sampson

Owner & Designer


Thank you very much for your interest in Accoutrement!