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  • All fabrics are pre-washed = free of heavy chemicals, smells and excessive dyes.

  • Due to a weird rule by USPS, you can’t put more than 150 items in one order/cart, so if you want to order more than 150 bandanas, you will have to create more than 1 order, but shipping will be free - please contact us with inquiries.

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B Stock* Single Layer Bandanas

$0.60 for S/M - $0.75 for M/L

Over 75 different prints available.

B Stock* = Some items might have slight imperfections and/or print direction might be sideways.

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Premium Single Layer Bandanas

$0.75 for S/M - $0.95 for M/L

Click here to read more about this collection - EVERYTHING MUST GO.

Gracie Steph suede coral flower.jpg

Flower Attachments

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Bowties Coming Soon!

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Nima reversible unicorns.jpg

Reversible Bandanas

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Hair Beautilities

Now bows, just beautiful fabric flowers. Click here to read all about this collection.

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