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Single Layer Bandanas

Monthly shipments of seasonal prints are available for your grooming business, please contact us for details.

โ€œMy groomers are all freaking out about how much they LOVE your bandanas!!!!! They are awesome! It's like a little party when we open the box, the groomers are so excited and love them so much!  Seriously, you pick the best fabrics!โ€

- Jill, Owner of Foxy Roxyโ€™s


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Collar Flowers

Click here to read all about this collection of gorgeous fabric flowers with reusable attachment.

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NEW! Bowties

All unique and 100% handmade by Accoutrement, using secondhand clothes/fabrics from thrift stores. Click here to read all the details.

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Reversible Bandanas

Click here to read all about this collection.

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Hair Flowers

Now bows, just beautiful fabric flowers. Click here to read all about this collection.

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