Single Layer Bandanas


We want you to love your purchase! Please note that due to the handmade nature of our products, there may be slight variations in some items. We believe this is one of the beautiful things about unique handmade products ❤️


Why Accoutrement's bandanas are unique and awesome

Here are the major highlights of our handmade bandanas made with pure love and care:

  1. New fabrics are loaded with chemicals like formaldehyde, dyes, pesticides and insecticides. At Accoutrement, we wash all our fabrics prior to sewing them, please read all about it below.

  2. We use quality 100% cotton fabrics.

  3. Great selection of beautiful prints that are carefully selected.

  4. Professional 5 thread stitching around the edges for a thick beautiful finish, giving the bandanas durability and allowing them to be washed several times.

  5. Our single layer bandanas are simple and easy in order to keep the cost down for groomers buying in bulk, people buying for parties, etc.

  6. We keep it simple with only 2 sizes: S/M & M/L - if you are a groomer buying in bulk, you can keep your inventory easy to manage - please see below for measurements and details.

  7. Hand-sewn in Los Angeles, CA.

  8. If you are a groomer, how much is your time worth?! Skip the step of making your own bandanas and spend time with your family and friends instead.

  9. There is nothing else like it out there! 

All fabrics are washed prior to sewing - that’s a big deal

Do you know how many dangerous chemicals (such as formaldehyde, dioxin, etc.), dyes, pesticides and insecticides are present in new fabrics? Many studies say that an average of 25% of the weight of new fabric is purely added chemicals.

At Accoutrement, we care deeply about pets’ health and we pre-wash all the fabrics using environmentally safe products in order to:

  • Remove the chemicals.

  • Remove the chemicals’ smell.

  • Remove the excess dyes, so the bandanas won’t leave a discoloration on the pets’ coat.

  • Make sure our bandanas don’t create health issues for people and their pets, and that they don’t aggravate allergies.

Prior to cutting and sewing our bandanas, here are the steps that we take with the new fabrics:

  • Soak the fabric for 2 hrs in warm water with high-end Persil detergent.

  • Wash the fabric in warm water (30 minutes cycle).

  • Tripe rinse the fabric (50 minutes cycle) - we use a tiny bit of fabric softener for static control and softness.

  • Dry the fabric.

  • Iron the fabric with a rotary iron - no added starch or any other products are used once washed.

  • This whole process ensures a color stable product and color fastness (won’t bleed or fade).

You can click here to find out more details about chemicals in new fabrics, but if you want to really read more about the subject, please do a search in any web browser with “chemicals in new fabrics” or any other similar questions, the search will bring up numerous studies and articles.

How to tie the bandanas

STEP 1 - You can roll up the top of the bandana on itself for a few turns, or you can simply leave it as is, it all depends on your personal taste (example below is with a few rolls).

STEP 2 - Bring the bandana around the neck of your pet and adjust how much fabric you want to leave hanging out - it is easier to tie from the back.

STEP 3 - Do a simple wrap-around knot and verify the looseness, make sure it’s not too tight - you should be able to easily insert a few fingers between the neck and the bandana, so your pet will be comfortable.

STEP 4 - Once the size around the neck is satisfactory, secure the first knot with a second wrap-around knot.

Available sizes

At Accoutrement, we care about the environment and we use the fabric to it's full capacity, with less than 1% cutting wastes. That is why we only offer 2 sizes, but they fit the smallest dogs to large breeds.




Fits neck up to 14”/35.5cm - usually fits dogs up to about 30 lbs/13.5kg, although it really depends on the size of the neck.

Fits neck up to 22"/56cm - usually fit dogs from about 25 lbs/11.5 kg to large breeds, it depends on the size of the neck, for example, a 20 lbs/9 kg french bulldog might need this larger size.



Most fabrics are 100% cotton, but some are a poly-blends where cotton is the main fiber.

The specific origin of the fabrics is unknown, although probably mostly from Asia, but we purchase all our fabrics from main suppliers in the USA. 


Edges finishing compared to most of the competition

We contour all edges and endings in one single pass, so there are no ugly pulled threads at all corners. No other companies does that.

We use an industrial serger with 4 thread spools, and we have upgraded to using 5 threads since December 2018), stitching all around the edges for a thick beautiful finish, giving the bandanas durability, and allowing you to reuse and wash them several times. Our competition use a lot less thread and their stitching is much thiner.

Please click on the picture to enlarge and see a close-up of our stitching. 


How to keep them clean and neat

If you are buying in bulk for a business, storing the bandanas correctly is important to protect your investment.

  • You can fold the S/M size once to create a smaller triangle.

  • You can fold the M/L twice on itself so it creates the same size as the folded S/M bandanas.

It is best to keep them in an opaque color container if they are near a window/sun, so the light won't fade the colors of the fabric with time.

The container in this example was purchased at a major hardware store, the size is approximately 13” W x 15” L x 10” H, and it can store about 200/250 bandanas of different sizes.


  • We originally wash them in warm water, so that can absolutely be repeated, although cold water is best to preserve the colors of the fabric over time.

  • Wash in normal cycle.

  • Dry in low or regular heat, or hang dry.

  • Can be iron at maximum heat.


For more than pets!

Bandanas are not only a fun accessory for pets, but can also be used by people, at kids parties, etc.



Some pets are wild and love having fun!  For some of our furry friends, accessories like the ones sold by Accoutrement are not appropriate.  It is your responsibility to decide if our products are safe for your pet(s).

Accoutrement’s products are not designed or intended for use by children. 

In no event shall Accoutrement be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of our products.

Use of Accoutrement’s products indicates your agreement to these terms. If you do not wish to agree to these terms, you have 14 days from the date of purchase to return the unused product(s).