Hair Beautilities


We want you to love your purchase! Please note that due to the handmade nature of our products, there may be slight variations in some items. We believe this is one of the beautiful things about unique handmade products ❤️


No bows, just fabulous flowers

You can find bows everywhere, but Accoutrement's fabric flowers are unique!

The back of the flowers are hand-sewn with 2 medium 5/16” latex bands for back-up security, and a dab of fabric glue for maximum durability.

We do not offer barrettes or clips at the moment, but please let us know if that is something you’d be interested in.

The flowers themselves are assembled by a vendor in in the USA, with parts coming from Asia. The attachments are lovingly designed and sewn by Accoutrement in Los Angeles, CA.


Selection and inventory

We have many more models and colors to come.

We are starting with small quantities and we will grow with you once we know what you like, based on your feedback and purchasing trends.

Please join our mailing list to stay informed (subscription form available at the bottom of any pages on our website).


Packaging for resale

We do not offer packaging for resale at the moment, but we are working on it. If you are interested in buying these products wholesale and/or for resale, please contact us.


Also for people

Our hair beautilities product line can also be worn by people (ponytail, etc.).



Some pets are wild and love having fun! For some of our furry friends, accessories like the ones sold by Accoutrement are not appropriate, as some pets may try to chew on them. It is your responsibility to decide if our products are safe for your pet(s). Adult supervision is also required for young children wearing and/or playing with our accessories. Accoutrement is not responsible for any accidents resulting from using our products.